Tawny Grisette

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HordeNPC 32Tawny Grisette
Tawny Grisette
Title <Mushroom Vendor>
Gender Female
Race Forsaken (Humanoid)
Level 30
Affiliation Undercity
Location Undercity

Tawny Grisette is a wandering level 30 fungus and drink vendor located in the Trade Quarter in the forsaken's Undercity.

Most Likely named after "The tawny grisette" (Amanita fulva), or less poetically the orange-brown ringless amanita, which is a basidiomycete mushroom of the genus Amanita.

See List of Undercity NPCs.

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GenderFemale +
NPC factionHorde +
NPC level30 +
RaceForsaken +
TitleMushroom Vendor +

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