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Taverns OST Cover Art

Cover art from iTunes.

World of Warcraft: Taverns of Azeroth is the soundtrack of several taverns in World of Warcraft, composed and arranged by David Arkenstone. It was released during the BlizzCon 2007.[1] The soundtrack can also be purchased via iTunes.

Track list Edit


A live performance of the soundtrack at BlizzCon 2008.

# Title Time
1 Lion's Pride* 2:21
2 Stonefire 2:40
3 Pig and Whistle 2:36
4 Gallows' End 2:56
5 Elders' Hearth 2:56
6 Shady Rest 2:49
7 Scarlet Raven 2:48
8 Salty Sailor 2:34
9 Deepwater 2:25
10 Spirit Stone 3:07
11 Bad Juju Bar & Grill 2:36
12 Slaughtered Lamb 2:32
13 Thunderbrew 2:01
14 Hunters' Refuge 2:57
15 Smoke Lodge 2:27
16 Grunts' Place 2:23
17 Tarren Mill 2:13
18 Bloodsail 2:24
19 Temple of the Moon 4:10

* Based on the old taverns soundtrack from Jason Hayes.

References Edit

  1. ^ World of Warcraft official forums (08-08-2007). WoW Taverns Soundtrack. Retrieved on March 6, 2009.

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Press release

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