This NPC bugs me; not in the sense that I don't like it, but I get the feeling there is more going on here than we know. Where else do we see a "gargoyle demon"? This combination of model and race seems to me more a kludge used to stand in for some other idea that we shouldn't take at face value.

The way I see it, it means two things:
1) It's some kind of reference that has, so far, flown over our heads
2) It's a standin for some other kind of creature that appears so infrequently that it doesn't have its own race type set.

Personally, I think Zelfrax is some kind of minor troll loa. Look at what it says: "This land was mine long before your wretched kind set foot here. All who venture here belong to me, including you!" That could basically be a line out of the Gods of Zul'Aman trailer. As well, we have to look at this "demon's" powers; they're fairly nonstandard, focusing on possession, animating dead spirits, and madness. We don't see a lot of Burning Legion demons which do that. Food for thought, and it will probably be meaningless when Cata hits, but oh well.

(Jozlaka (talk) 22:52, September 27, 2010 (UTC))

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