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Wrathion's Corrupted EggEdit

Unless I'm mistaken, I seem to remember in the badlands quest involving Wrathion's egg, that he actually was corrupted inside the egg to begin with. It was only after the Eye of the Watchers was retrieved from the nearby titan ruins and later activated by Dr. Hieronymus Blam, that the egg was purified:

Q u o t e:

Eye of the Watchers says: Boot-up protocol completed. Scanning for objective...
Eye of the Watchers says: Objective identified. Scanning...
Eye of the Watchers says: Anomaly detected. Probable source: Azerothian Old God. Attempting to excise anomaly...
Eye of the Watchers says: Anomaly excised. Repeating sub-protocol...
Eye of the Watchers says: Anomaly excised. Repeating sub-protocol...
Eye of the Watchers says: Anomaly excised. Re-assembling remaining material...
Eye of the Watchers says: Viable subject compiled. No anomalies detected.
Eye of the Watchers says: User-objective protocol complete. Stasis protocol re-enabled.

Was that not Wrathion's egg being purified in that quest, or am I confusing this with another egg? If it was indeed Wrathion's egg, than it is a misnomer to state that Wrathion "was never corrupted" by the old gods' influence. However, I may have to play through the badlands quests again sometime soon to verify this myself.
-Sitb (talk) 20:25, December 30, 2015 (UTC)

To satiate my curiosity, I headed back to the Badlands this evening and played through the chain of quests involving Wrathion's egg. To clarify: The three test samples you collect for Reastraza (the wild black dragon egg; the pre-engineered Nyxondra egg; and the scalding whelp corpse) all contain traces of corruption, as is mentioned by Dr. Hieronymous Blam when you turn in the quest Troggish Troubles. After retrieving the Eye of the Watchers from the Tomb of the Watchers, the artifact is activated (prompting the text quoted above). However, because the "Purified Black Dragon Egg" was essentially reassembled by the Eye of the Watchers after the excising sub-protocol, it could be argued that Wrathion (in his current form) began his existence at that moment, opposed to when he was in his previously-corrupted state. I suppose it could be argued either way, but that's much to deep of a discussion for me to spend my time speculating on. It's kind of similar to: "What came first, the chicken or the egg?" ;)
-Sitb (talk) 00:14, December 31, 2015 (UTC)

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