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What are the races in this game? And do the hunter or warlock class get pets like in WoW? Mr.X8 17:51, 19 August 2007 (UTC)

Here are the following races with the applicable classes: Human: Paladin, Warlock |Orc: Warrior, Shaman |Dwarf: Hunter, Priest |Undead (Forsaken): Mage Warlock |Gnome: Mage, Rogue |Troll: Rogue, Priest |Night Elf: Druid, Warrior |Tauren: Druid, Hunter

Burning Crusade: Blood Elf: Paladin| Draenei: Shaman

And pets get complicated, Warlock gets ability card like "Summon Succubus" the card has HP points, and when HP points are wasted, the card is removed, I think Hunter has same idea..not sure though - IconSmall PutressThuzadian

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