Just to remind people when you're talking about a wipe, all players must be dead at the same time.

A Hunter using Feign Death or a Rogue using Vanish to avoid combat means there's at least one player still alive. You can hardly consider a Priest running away from battle and then coming back to resurrect everyone Wipe Recovery, which is why the Vanish/Feign + Jumper Cables is not considered Wipe Recovery.

The only classes capable of Wipe Recovery at this time are Shamans and Warlocks since they're the only classes with abilities to resurrect while truly dead. This has been corrobarated by Blizzard who said the Shaman is the only true Wipe Recovery class. The Warlock is debatable since unless he Soulstones everyone he is not capable of Wipe Recovery by himself. (He needs a rezzing class to help unless he manages to Soulstone everyone).

While technically a wipe means all players are dead at the same time, I think the more practical definition of a wipe is when a mob or group of mobs are unable to be killed and the raid must regroup and try again. Wipe recovery to me, is the act resurrecting and reforming the group so that you do not have to start the instance from the beginnin.

The warlock's wipe recovery isn't debatable it just depends on what your definition of true wipe recovery is. If true wipe recovery is solo recovery where you resurrect yourself and ressurect every member of your group yourself then shamans are the only true class. (By this definition warlocks aren't even debatable since it is impossible for them to have more than one soul stone out). Again in practice this doesn't exist, if you are in anything larger than a 5 man there should be multiple people capable of ressurection and one person rarely resurrects the entire group.

Techinically you comments are right, but just as Paladin DI is listed in wipe recovery (although it does correctly say 'prevention'), hunter/rogue & jumper cables are a valid tactic for this page. While technically it is prevention and it is unreliable, it allows the raid to resurrect and regroup without running back and re-entering the instance again. Also OOC rezzer, although it should be nerfed now, is/was a valid wipe 'prevention' tactic.

If the goal of this page is to describe tactics that prevent the group from having to reenter the instance and start from the beginning (which is what is sounds like from the first line, "Recovering from a wipe without having to have characters return to their corpses. " then these tactics should be listed even though they may be preventing a 'true' wipe rather than actually recoving from it. I mean if everyone but one person dies, its a wipe and everyone is running back to their body, if part of the instance has reset then likely that one person will have to sneak back to the beginning, sit and wait, or suicide and run back to the beginning to help clear respawns. Ralthor 01:28, 8 Mar 2006 (EST)

The title might be better termed Wipe Prevention and Recovery but I think you're talking semantics.

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