Fund 1 in a Highland Mixed School

Possible to sell. Edit

These will still be fished up after you have one, you just won't be able to see it in the box. If you send the crate/trunk/etc to an alt, they can open it and see the journal. The journal is BOP, but the crate/trunk/chest is not. Unfortunately, since there's no way to look inside a chest until it is in your inventory, you have to take it on trust that it has one. Caveat emptor. --Azaram 03:21, 16 December 2007 (UTC)

On finding a Journal when you already know Find Fish Edit

The current text on the page says:

If you already have the Find Fish ability, you may catch additional Weather-Beaten Journals, but you cannot see the Weather-Beaten Journal in the containers you are attempting to loot. What this means is that if you have the Find Fish ability, and you catch a container while fishing, and you loot the container, but the container does not disappear, then the container is not empty and probably contains another copy of this valuable item.

Also, the character looting the container must have at least apprentice Fishing training (must have at least 1 skill point in the Fishing skill) in order to see the Weather-Beaten Journal in the container being looted.

While the Weather-Beaten Journal is Bind on Pickup, the enclosing container does not bind and so therefore the container can be traded/sold just like any other item.

The important point is to know that the container is not empty and holds a valuable item, and to not inadvertently destroy the Weather-Beaten Journal by destroying the persistent, apparently empty container.

However, both from Wowhead comments and from personal experience, I can say this is not true (or at least, no longer true). When you open a container containing a Journal, if your character knows Find Fish the Journal will be quietly destroyed. I'm modifying the explanation on the article, please contact me at talk page if you know for sure otherwise. Scarbrowtalk 00:37, April 20, 2010 (UTC)

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