Step 1: A Troubled Spirit [Level 52] All you have to do to begin this quest is to pick it up from Wu Shen in Stormwind. He is the Warriro Trainer in the Old Town, near SI-7. You can get this quest at level 50, which I did, but you will have a fun time getting to the entrance to the Blasted Lands to talk to the troubled horde warrior-spirit at the gate. Come, prepaired to fight lvl 52-58 NPCs on the way in.

Step 2: Warrior Kinship [Level 52] All you have to do is kill helboars. 51-53 NPC's. Don't come without some serious killing power. They will hurt you. These spiny pigs are located all over the blasted lands, ride around a little, explore, you will find them quickly.

Step 3: War on the Shadowsworn [Level 52] Here, just below the castle, you will find these Shadowsorn NPC's, cultists, thugs and adepts. You must kill 50 of them. 10 cultists, 20 thugs, and 20 adepts. The pain will come if you think that you will do this faster if you go in the cave. DONT pick them off on the outscirts of the mobs outside. Don't attack or agro the 55s there. As an aliance, you will not be able to kill them. Had one down to 10 health, while I was at 70% and I died. So be careful.

Step 4: Voodoo Feathers [Level 52] This is a sunken temple quest that brings you to the bowels of the temple in the middle of the swamp of sorrows. You can not solo this quest. Lvl 44 to 49 elites. So dont even try to set out - without LFG, sunken temple quests. Pick up the feathers, then return to the troubled spirit for the nice blue items you are awarded.

Be prepared to fix your armor at the end. This quest cost me 5g in repairs. If you're below 54, come twinked. Especially warriors and rogues.

Cyclonian Edit

You can get this quest at level 30, if you complete your beserker stance quests, someone should change it to say level 30. --Shiryo 11:19, 21 September 2007 (UTC)

The pages says the quest requires"30 Witherbark tusks (for which a good grinding spot is by Zul'Farak Ruins in Stranglethorn Vale)". Witherbark trolls are in the Hinterlands and Arathi, not Stranglethorn AND Zul'Farrak is not even in Stranglethorn itself AND is inhabited by the Sandfury Trolls AND the quest is for Bloodscalp tusks anyway. Oh, AND It's not like that's even how you spell Zul'farrak, but I'll admit I'm not always the best on trollish grammar myself, so I'll let that go

Can higher class-quests be done without first completing lower-level chains? I.e. can I start the lvl.40 chain without 10, 20 and 30 already done before?

You don't have to finish the berserker stance quests to get Cyclonian. I got it as i was passing by the area looking for liferoot right after i dinged 30 (before i visited my trainer and got the fray island quest). ---Yaimen

Chains Edit

Can you start a chain without having completed a lower-level chain? Like... can I start a lv.40 warrior quest if I did not take/complete lower level quests? Rugus 13:37, 21 March 2008 (UTC)

Update? Edit

This page is now horribly out of date, I'm levelling a Warrior and once I'm done will do my best to update the page, but it's going to be awhile and my efforts won't be all that great. Can someone update this page for Cataclysm?

~My rage bar is blue and I start the fight pissed - Peregrine 18:49, February 1, 2011 (UTC)

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