Working with healersEdit

> Don't Lifetap below 50% without telling your healer. > We're often looking at your health bar and not at what you're doing and we don't > like to throw a big heal at you if you're just going to bandage anyway.

IMO this comment is doesn't lead to efficient behaviour.

Instead I suggest healers understand warlocks.

About selfheal: a warlock has one serious way to heal himself, lifedraining, with its telltale green line.

About the other ways: - even with 5/5 cataclysm a heavy runecloth bandage only gives about 7 shadowbolts (~ 17.5 sec), its only a last resort way of regeneration. - Healthstones might be good to suggest if the party goes to the limits of its ability but otherwise creating/using them isnt efficient. - If a healer uses a mana potion thats much more efficient than a warlock using a healing or mana potion. If its about who is paying, its best the warlock pays manapotions to healers for heals.

Now about interpretation of the warlock health:

Of course, cases that everyone takes damage exist, which includes situations where nearly every dps might need to offtank (f.e. razergore phase 1), and AoE exists, maybe a warlock tanks a caster, but in all other situations a warlock shouldn't have aggro, nor take damage from mobs.

If a healer knows an encounter he won't have doubts whether a responsible non-over-aggroing dps might take damage or not. Exceptions like the main tank dieing are pretty obvious.

In such situations where damage to dps is unlikely, a healer can simply assume that warlock health is not be an emergency, even if he is at 1 HP, and always just means that a warlock could use mana. Of course the warlock typically has lower priority than tanks.

If warlocks rely on life draining, optimal long fight behaviour will include making sure that all draining is usefull, that is, does heal, which means going fairly low. If healers are going to use heals able to crit, or more than one healer might consider healing, the best practice is to make sure all of the potentially healing will be usefull, meaning going fairly low.

If the party is low on healing and relies on eating/drinking after fights, its probably best for a warlock to keep mana/life distance to the max and both eat and drink after.

> Along the same line, don't expect your healer to be your mana battery. > We're happy to drop you a heal over time now and again, but asking us to burn our mana just to fuel yours is rude.

Demanding to be healed at once would be rude for a warlock but a life tap shouldn't be interpreted that way. Its just smart to enable the option to be helped with mana (=heal) early.

In the event that the healer dies, and Soulstone was on cooldown, and no other party members can ress, There is a way for the warlock to ress. Tell them to enter the instance and ress or to ress at the graveyard if this is not possible or will take too long. Then use ritual of summoning to summon them to your location. Requires 3 party members alive including the warlock.

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