oooooooooooook i know that Hunters with this would be pwnage FTW but why cant hunters use this? Warriors and rouges would probably get dibs first and thats understandable but still... Baldr 6:30 Sept 9, 2007

Because hunters already have everything else...I mean...a 1k arena point uber axe that pwns other stuff? There is no point in hunter's being able to have would diminish the value of it.

That and the set bonus clearly says MELEE attacks. No guildmaster in his/her right mind would ever award this to a hunter. And this is coming from a hunter.

But but...what about survival huntards?...chyeah...Anyways, there is absolutely no point in hunter's being able to use these. Especially now that they have their legendary bow which requires no arrows...

Meh... warlocks should be able to use these. They can use swords, when trained, and Illidan pretty much IS a warlock. No class restrictions!!!

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