How does aggro work on this spell?

While I don't know for sure, I would imagine that the mana returned to the group would generate threat similar to the amount of threat that comes from healing done (if memory serves, the base amount of threat from healing done is a half "point" of threat for every point of health healed. In comparison, damage does 1 "point" of threat for every point of damage done). However, I also imagine that the shadow embrace talents (8%/16%/25% reduction in threat for your shadow spells) would apply to the mana returned as well. However, I repeat, I am not sure.Denim-Force 20:37, 27 November 2007 (UTC)

If my understanding of damage and healing is correct, it would take 5421 +spell damage for the last rank to return all of it's own mana cost to the caster on average, assuming stacked shadow weaving. (Just thought someone might want to know.) Quamarett 19:24, 21 December 2007 (UTC)

plus damage to return mana cost Edit

While I'm sure your calculation of plus damage is true to return the mana cost of the spell if it was the only spell you cast the Idea is a bit skewed. 5 percent of 650 with no plus damage is 32.5. x5 (if all members of the g have mana) 162.5. mana cost of the spell is 450. 1600 point SWP. 80 mana x5 400. Mind Blast 750 27.5 x 5 137.5. Mind Flay 525 25. For a net group mana regen of 162.5 + 400 + 137.5 + 25 = 725. mana across your group for the cost of 450 mana. I'd have to guess with talents and bonuses at 70 you'll at least double that ammount. And it is all damage you were were going to do anyway if your a shadow priest. Still I agree that the use is very limited and pretty much useless to you in small group and solo'ing. Vamp embrace is just as useless IMHO. -- add thought. the spell does 650 damage for 450 mana can crit and get's bonuses from talents and plus damage and is a fairly quick cast time. Not too bad for damage.

trixster (many toon on may servers)

tips/tactics section Edit

so i've started this section on the article. i plan on putting in a table concerning the +shadow damage required for the spell to refund the spriest the full mana cost of other various spells cast while it's up (i.e. SWP, MB, MF, etc). just too lazy to do those calculations right now and figure out how i'd lay it out. +its 4am so yeah. hope to do it tomorrow... erm.. today rather. good idea? Shinyd00meyes (talk) 08:04, 10 August 2008 (UTC)

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