Would someone who knows please comment on the following and add to main article:

As stated by the pages for Attack Table and Uncrushability, the idea behind attaining uncrushability is to fill out the boss' attack table with Miss, Dodge, Parry and Block.

Unless critical details have been left out, this means that Uncrushability is actually melee immunity (at least in case of frontal attacks vs. passively Uncrushable tanks).

If Uncrushability does not equal melee immunity, it should be explained why not.

If Uncrushability does equal melee immunity, this is obviously significant enough to deserve clear-cut mention, beyond the following line I dug out at the Crushing Blow page: "This amount of avoidance and mitigation pushes crushing blows (as well as crits and normal hits) off the Attack Table."

I would have added the "melee immunity" conclusion straight to the main articles, but I assume I'm missing a point since noone else pointed it out? —The preceding unsigned comment was added by Apziro (talkcontr).

  • Melee immunity cannot be obtained, even with amazing gear, because of diminishing returns.
  • Crushing blows have effectively been removed from the game. You can only get crushed from a mob 4 levels higher than you. Once you reach 80, nothing including raid bosses is above level 83.
  • Uncrushability, or more accurately in the new system, block cap, pushes crits and hits off the table. It does not push blocks off the table (partially mitigated hits), which is why you are never melee immune, without using a bubble!
  • I am working on update these articles, or possibly even make new ones.
-Howbizr (talk) 20:13, 7 March 2009 (UTC)

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