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"It's also viable way to increase your dps for protection warrior who don't have a strong two-hand or off hand weapon by just drop your shield and add raw dps without fear of the chance to miss duel-wield brings"

I'm sorry, but what does this sentence mean? The contributor should clarify what he's trying to say here and clean up the grammar and such.

  • Though I am not the original author, I've cleaned up what grammar I can to make the passage more clear. Whether it's accurate information is still anyone's guess. - Warhammer: 3025
From what i can gather, this information is false (tested with a rogue): If you just equip a main-hand weapon, you won't start hitting unarmed with your off hand. If you only equip an off-hand weapon, you will hit unarmed with your main hand, but the hit penalty will be applied. --N00braz 19:17, 24 March 2008 (UTC)

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