Is it possible to make a macro that casts a spell with no cooldown like 50 times?

Only if you write the macro to cast it 50 times.
 ∙ Zurr  TalkContr 06:28, 20 June 2007 (UTC)

Language Edit

How do I make it so my /say macro will say it in Gutterspeak or some other language? e.g

  #showtooltip Cannibalize(Racial)
  /cast Cannibalize(Racial)
  /say I hunger......

If anyone know's that would be helpful.

Something like this
/run SendChatMessage("I hunger......","SAY","GUTTERSPEAK")

 ∙ Zurr  TalkContr 06:28, 20 June 2007 (UTC)

Thanks ^_^ I'm going to try that out.
Try /cast UberSpell (rank xx)
    /cast UberSpell (rank xx)
    ... and so on
    /click ActionBarxbuttonx 
make copies of this macro, until you have 50 casts of the spell. They all need their own button and each should activate the next button in the sequence, until every one has been linked to the original.

I can't think of any spell where this macro would be practical. but there you have it. enjoy.

Macro by name Edit

Is it possible to call another macro by name at the end of the first macro?

Like, -Macro1- /cast <insert spell here> /say long string of text [next macro]

-Macro2- /say Even longer string of text [next macro]

-Macro3- /say Yet more text Folashir (talk) 06:24, 16 May 2009 (UTC)

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