I won this guy in the comic contest, hes freaking awsome, though not as big as I expected, of course I'm a Tauren so its going to look smaller in comparison.

He dances when you /dance with him, and doesn't stop(sometimes even while moving) until you put him away, I think that may be a glitch, but its still cool.

If any of you want to see him, I've got him on my Tauren Druid, Arathius, on the Aegwynn US server.

Aladros (talk) 18:55, 3 September 2008 (UTC)

Mine sometimes dances without the emote, and practically every time he moves he sidesteps dancing, which makes him move really slow. however he's the only companion i know of that can fly, as in actually follow you up into the air. I would greatly appreciate confirmation on this, as there are plenty of other pets that should be able to fly but cant; although there may be some i don't have that can, no-one has mentioned any.

-Gladewalker, Frostmane, 14 Sept 09, 1:04 UTC

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