Since there was no info about stacking with Blessing of Salvation and I failed to find clear answer on google, I tested it in-game ( version 2.3.3 7799 ) with my paladin and friend's shaman. I used consecration since it does set amount of damage. Shaman's threat was measured by KTM, but he didn't have BoS nor TaT and only meleed so that should be accurate. Test 1: Paladin consecrated having BoS only. When DoT to finished, Shaman started meleeing and managed to get about 850 threat before aggroing. Test 2: Paladin consecrated having BoS and TaT, When DoT to finished, Shaman removed TaT and started meleeing unarmed, and managed to get about 690 threat before aggroing. I did some more testing to be sure. Conclusion is that BoS and TaT do stack. ( Probably multiplicative, yes/no answer was all I wanted. ) - Palecek 01:58, 8 February 2008 (UTC)

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