The only reason I can think of why Blizzard made him a troll would be somebody saying "hey, there aren't enough people who give Darkspear rep in this game. We need another troll questgiver." If that's in fact what happened, I'm curious why they chose to change the race of an NPC whose dialogue is uncharacteristic for a troll, with the reference to his once-cursed blood, and "our newly found shamanistic magic", and how "our brethren escaped" (referring to orcs).--Illidan Rocks 14:21, 13 July 2007 (UTC)

Or perhaps this NPC was overlooked or mislayed the IDs of the models, wich I see a bit more plausible. Other thought is that since this NPC was related to part of the Trollbane's sword, they putted a troll model, but that is a bit "silly". Zengu says:
  • Retrieve the pieces and bring them to Tor'gan, the troll shaman, he will be able to bind them into the complete sigil.
But, when you retrieve them to Tor'gan, he greets you saying:
  • Throm'ka, <class>. Zengu informed me that you required my assistance?
A common orc greeting, so, I believe this NPC model was already a troll by mistake since the alpha, and the one in charge of making the chainquest for the Trollbane's sword (and perhaps for the other Hammerfall's quest) saw that the model was a troll, asked for changing it to its orc former model but they overruled the petition, and skipped it away. Despite this, that one in charge of the quest putted the orc greeting, perhaps with a bitter taste after being ignored. Who knows what happens at Blizzard's HQs anyway *sigh* -- IconLarge Troll Male [1] , the Necroshadowmancer 22:43, 1 December 2007 (UTC)

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