Contrary to popular (and incorrect) belief, frost spells have no effect on the rusting of Tinhead; only time allows the stacking of more "rusting" on Tinhead.

I can at least partially verify this one. We hit Oz without a warrior the other night so a feral druid got aggro with four swipes, while the rest of the raid focused on Strawman. The druid tanked him until shortly before Strawman died - at that point one of the mages began blasting fire spells at him to pull aggro. When the mage overcame the threat from the four swipes+white damage hits of the druid, Tinhead was very much rusty and stumbled slowly after the mage for the rest of the fight. Dracnal 14:09, 9 May 2007 (EDT)Dracnal

According to combat log analysis on this page, Tinhead gains the first Rust 30 seconds after Dorothee spawns, and another Rust every 6 seconds thereafter. This is confirmed by groups not using Frost and Sunder. --Mattlistener 10:48, 11 May 2007 (EDT)

Exerpts from the above link:

"4/5 18:25:52.812 Dorothee begins to cast Water Bolt.

4/5 18:26:24.625 Tinhead gains Rust.

4/5 18:37:23.125 Dorothee begins to cast Water Bolt.

4/5 18:37:52.312 Tinhead gains Rust.

4/5 18:46:51.796 Dorothee hits Eilia for 1922.

4/5 18:47:20.953 Tinhead gains Rust.

4/5 18:54:06.781 Dorothee begins to cast Water Bolt.

4/5 18:54:36.390 Tinhead gains Rust.

4/5 19:02:52.656 Dorothee hits Gabron for 1506. (crushing) (200 absorbed)

4/5 19:03:22.156 Tinhead gains Rust."

(Accounting for the brief delay between Dorothee becoming targettable and her making her first combat-logged action, these intervals are all 30 seconds.)

"We never hit him with a frost attack or a sunder Thursday, but he still got the full Rust stack.

4/12 19:08:33.078 Dorothee begins to cast Water Bolt.

4/12 19:09:02.000 Tinhead gains Rust.

4/12 19:09:08.593 Tinhead gains Rust (2).

4/12 19:09:14.531 Tinhead gains Rust (3).

4/12 19:09:20.500 Tinhead gains Rust (4).

4/12 19:09:26.937 Tinhead gains Rust (5).

4/12 19:09:32.953 Tinhead gains Rust (6).

4/12 19:09:38.343 Tinhead gains Rust (7).

4/12 19:09:44.187 Tinhead gains Rust (8).

4/12 19:19:23.468 Dorothee begins to cast Water Bolt.

4/12 19:19:54.546 Tinhead gains Rust.

4/12 19:19:59.765 Tinhead gains Rust (2).

4/12 19:20:05.687 Tinhead gains Rust (3).

4/12 19:20:12.125 Tinhead gains Rust (4).

4/12 19:20:18.125 Tinhead gains Rust (5).

4/12 19:20:24.734 Tinhead gains Rust (6).

4/12 19:20:30.578 Tinhead gains Rust (7).

4/12 19:20:36.687 Tinhead gains Rust (8)."

(Intervals are all within a fraction of 6 seconds.) --Mattlistener 11:10, 11 May 2007 (EDT)

Awesome, thank you! Sean talk

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