The first part is dates as mentioned in the Warcraft I and II manuals, and ingame quotes. If there is no big changes in refrences made in Warcraft III manual, it may include dates from it as well.

Part 2 is a conversion of the start of Warcraft I, year 593 in the king's calender as Year 1. All negative dates are derived by subtracting earlier dates from 593. For example Year 593 - Year 559 = 34 years difference, and therefore; Year 1 - 34 years = Year -33.

This conversion is done in order to show where the timeline differs in comparison to later timelines. If any of my calculations are off please fix them, but explain the fix in the discussion thread, so others can see if you have made the correct calculations.

Now each date should hold summeries of what occurs during those dates based on what was mentioned in the manuals, however they should not be direct quotes from manuals themselves. Those quotes can be found in the articles linked at the bottom of the page, and there is no reason to post that information twice.Baggins 02:59, 4 January 2007 (EST)

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