A clarification if Thorngrin the Tender resets aggro completely or just lose aggro (temporarly) from the tank is needed. --Xano999

Random Enrages Edit

As of 1.26.07 this boss randomly enrages increasing damage by 117 and attack speed by 75%.

Fire Elemental Works Edit

Just tried this fight (barely won). The fire elemental is immune to the aoe hellfire ability, so as long as it doesn't pull agro it should last the entire fight. We got rather lucky though since I got scarified both times, and since my totems are unaffected, I was the best member to take it. Fun being sacrified and watching the fire elemental chase the boss around. Tank got killed part way though, healer became the tank, and I ended up healing, but not fast enough (not enough time to get a larger heal off). When he went down the boss was almost dead me and my fire elemental finished him off.

Where the... Edit

Ok... Maybe I missed something... But how by the Great Five did a Satyr get into Tempest Keep?

  • Kael'thas has poor taste in botanical personnel. Tending plants for Thorngrin must be difficult with that spontaneous hellfire. Ashtongue 17:25, 21 August 2007 (UTC)

Paladin tanks, beware. Edit

It is (almost) impossible to taunt Thorngrin off the sacrificed one after the does the spell, so everyone in the party has to do max DPS and survive as much as possible with bandages, pots etc. I just wiped twice on this boss; he's not easy.

Nerfed Edit

I think this boss has been nerfed in 2.1. We made him yesterday with a warlock, mage, boomkin, warrior and a holy pally. The fight took appr. a minute, only the pally got sacrificed once but bubbled out. He has only 75k hp (which is less than some of the trash mobs in shadow lab!), just burn him down as fast as possible (looses aggro anyway). Since a WL is a good idea in botanica, be sure to bring one along. He can enslave one of the demons before the boss to help with dps. --Thundor 11:05, 12 June 2007 (UTC)

Removed comments about threat wipe after sacrifice and iceblocking out of it Edit

I removed comments about threat wipe after sacrifice and iceblocking out of it.

I haven't heard of such threat wipe from anyone else. I tanked it for 10+ times and did not find it convincing. On the other hand, it is common for some inexperience ranged DPS to keep attack when the tank is running away during its Hellfire, and pull aggro as a result of this.

Also, maybe you can iceblock / divine shield out of it before. However, sacrifice now stuns the target, so I don't think this works anymore. Blessing of Protection from someone else probably won't remove the debuff, as it doesn't have this function normally.

Though, if anyone have solid evidence about these, free feel to correct me. WakemanCK 11:37, 30 March 2008 (UTC)

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