from the author Edit

I am appalled at the state of quest information among the "big three" information sites that we customarily link to. I would recommend going through each of the quests involved with this chain, and verifying pretty much everything: text, money and XP awards, and particularly reputation awards. Be careful to note reputations before-and-after, in case the award doesn't show up in your message box.

The last two quests were particularly heinous in this regard. --Eirik Ratcatcher 19:49, 21 September 2007 (UTC)

History Edit

Just to add a bit of history about the early days of this quest chain.

Around the time of the WoW launch back in 2004 this quest chain was a bit longer. I had levelled pretty fast back then, and did the missing diplomat quest soon after launch. After beating private Hendel, he would give another quest to return to Jaina Proudmore back in her tower in Theramore. She would then give you an empty quest, labelled "<NYI>". When talking to a GM, asking if 'NYI' stood for 'Not Yet Implemented' he confirmed.

Later on, they made beating Hendel the final step, instead of continuing the quest line. So in WoW at launch, Jaina Proudmore never came to the swamp. They probably had in mind to free the king on Arcatraz island, but never got the resources to finish it.

Only trouble was that I was already 1 step further in the quest, and couldn't return to the new ending, so I never managed to actually finish the quest.

--Dyna18 14:37, 20 October 2007 (UTC)

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