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Suffix 'DinEdit

Speculation of the suffix "'din" doesn't seem right, in my opinion. I welcome more people that will try to translate sentences but if you look here: That 'din would mean "of the/of/the" then where is the "din" in the quote "Anar'alah belore" which means "By the light of the Sun"? Or even "Anar'endal dracon", which means "By the breath of the dragon".

Some phrases Edit

  • Bash'a no falor talah:

In the words' table "no" is said to mean "true" or "of the" but when we look at the other pharses, we can see that there is no "of the" in Thalassian. The "true" seems incorrect too 'cos it makes the word order look odd. I found a nice article "Thalassian Basics" somewhere on the Internet and after I've read it most phrases and words started making better sense. I've already included the rules from that article here. And that's what I think: Suffix 'a means "you". Here it probably points at the object the speaker is talking to. And then we just put the remaining words in their order, omitting "of the" and "the" (which don't exist in Thalassian). Translating word-by-word we get: Taste(you) (the) chill (of) true death. So, we've got some more words:

  • Bash - taste,
  • No - chill,
  • Falor - true,
  • Talah - death.

  • Anu belore dela'na:

I guess "Anu" doesn't mean "us". As we can notice, Verb+Object is written as Verb'Object, so the part that means "guides us" might be "dela'na". So, we get dela = guide, suffix 'na = us. However, I can't tell what exactly "Anu" means then, but I have a few ideas:

  • 1) One/only because high and blood elves worship the sun and "Anu" is for like the only true God.
  • 2) Eternal. Less probable, because I actually heard the phrase "The eternal sun guides us" (or something like that) from tauren NPCs in-game. Seems the possible explanation for what "Anu" can be.

To be continued...

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