Would anyone know something particular about the heroic mode encounter?


I was recently in black morass, helping a friend get his kara key, when I found what seems to be a bug. I placed a beacon, Temporus got too close to it with around 10k health left, and evade bugged until half his health was back. Has anyone else experienced this?

Mortal Wounds Block? Edit

According to the Black Morass instance page, the Mortal Wounds debuff can be blocked. This is in line with my experience tanking this boss, and in line with other sources I have read (such as comments at sites such as WoWhead).

However, the Temporus specific page says that block does not work. I don't think this is accurrate. For the time being, I'm modifying the page to bring the two in sync. Matoushin 17:33, 5 July 2007 (UTC)

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