This is dumb I never heard of Steppe trolls. The only trolls in the horde are the Darkspear and Revantusk.

WTF are you talking about? Have you ever been to Zul'Gurub? There are like 8 species of troll or something like that. Not to mention the Zandalar themselves. Learn2Lore before you start bashing stuff.
Also WoW RPG & The RTS Games have a lot of stuff in them that have existed for awhile and was cleared by Blizzard. I know the above trolls aren't allied to the Horde, but even then... neither are the Revantusk since you're neutral with them. The RPG was also created pre-WoW Lore. --Valkors 22:23, 5 May 2006 (EDT)

The thing is the other trolls(With the exception of the darkspear) are not part of the horde. They don't even describe the steppe trolls. Thier description is less then a paragraph I mean it would be dumb if I Wrote something like this. "Dark iron Tree dwarves can be found in trees in Azeroth. "Because of their mining skill they are often found as an ally of the alliance". See isn't that poorly writen, just like this article.

Doesn't make it any less than legit... if that's all the RPG book says, then that's all we got to go on.

Not the only troll race with limited mention in loreEdit

Technically we don't know much about "Dark Trolls" either, except one or two sentences in the RPG books, and what can be interpreted from their appearances in Warcraft III. There are quite a few factions seen in Warcraft III, or other non-WOW sources that don't have any examples seen in WOW.

Also all Warcraft RPG books take place a couple of years before any events in World of Warcraft, so things could have easily changed between the time RPG takes place and when WOW takes placeBaggins 21:45, 7 May 2006 (EDT)

But at least the Dark trolls have apeared in a game and we know what they look like. All we know about the Steppe trolls is just a few sentences long. I want to know what they look like,how they met the horde,whats their culture like and if they are part of the old horde or new horde.

Ya, I agree would have been nice if we got a few more details :-p... But we got what we got, and all we can really do is point out that its from the RPG, and doesn't show up in other sources, while keeping a NPOV.
Unfortunately there are other murloc tribes mentioned in Lands of Mystery for example that we don't have many details about either :-p, written in a similar way. In the same book are one or two new Naga tribes that get an offhand mention but no description. There is a second Northrend Ice Troll tribe mentioned called the Winterfang, but they don't get much of a description either. I could probably bring up Hobgoblins too. Unfortunatly the rpg is full this kind of thing.
Shadows of Ice has giant elephants, called "Ancient Behemoths" that it doesn't explain, but at least we have artwork for them :p
The problem is there are alot of new tribes for various species, or new creatures that spin off literature adss to Warcraft lore, and they give you just enough to be intrigued(so you want to know more), but not enough to know much about them...Baggins 00:04, 8 May 2006 (EDT)

Wow the writers were actually dumb enought to write a description like this. Wow............

Why these Trolls should not be listed. Edit

Steppe Trolls, and any other creature from Appendix Three of the Manual of Monsters should not be included, because those rules are for Incorporating Dungeons and Dragons Lore in to World of Warcraft Lore.

The intention of that section of the book is for crossing over with Dungeons in Dragons. The idea is to sell DnD books to DnD players.

The "lore" presented in that section is mostly BS. Look at the entry for Wyvern, it says, "These Creatures are voraciuos and possess only enough intelligence to realize when their prey is in pain, which they take pleasure in. In the lands of Azeroth, Wyverns are hunted by every sentient race except the scourge which uses the fearsome beasts as aerial mounts to harry and destroy their opponents."

If that isn't a complete load I don't know what is. This section is also where the "eastern kingdoms Centaurs" rumor comes from. It's not intended as lore. It's so people can mix and match Table Top RPG settings. --Best Brian

We have covered this "opinion" before, you can read the article on it in the refrence at the bottom of the page which discusses the different views on Manual of Monsters articles, so people can decide for themselves. As for centaur we have seen centaurs in Eastern Kingdoms in the WOW game itself, or at least evidence of them from their skins in Blackrock Spire, and Alliance Player's Guide even makes a refrence to centaurs in the eastern kingdoms as well.
As for the draconic wyverns you mentioned... First thing not all wyverns in WOW are actually friendly, there are quite a few you actually have to slay for various reasons... They seem more feral than the ones described in previous sources. I believe someone mentioned that one mission has you having to steal wyvern eggs so they can be trained to be new mounts, compared to how they used to just choose to help the horde out. There is lore in Alliance Player's Guide that discusses that Chimeara another sentient race have been becoming feral as of late, and you have to slay them in WOW as well since they mindlessly attack.
That being said the draconic wyvern mentioned in the MoM sound like they are written as the more traditional style of wyvern than gryphon/dragon style ones in the games, and not intended to be the same species.Baggins 19:52, 3 December 2006 (EST)

Where is the Steppe Edit

Is there even any region in Azeroth that could be described as steppe (i.e., Analogous to Central Asia in the real world)?--Flamestrider 17:14, 15 January 2007 (EST)

Isn't there the Burning Steppes? Saimdusan 07:11, 1 March 2007 (EST)

I'm sure there's some continent or the other that has yet to pop up on maps for whatever reason, just crawling with them. Then again, I might be wrong. Super Bhaal 12:09, 9 March 2007 (EST)

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