Does anyone know if spell haste takes affect on this spell before or after the cast time reduction from Starlight Wrath and Nature's Grace? Does each percent of spell haste shave off .035 seconds or .03 seconds? And after a critcal .035, .03, or .025? - Crystufer April 12 2008

Starfire only does less DPS than Wrath if you don't have Starlight Wrath. With the reduced cast time, two Wraths takes the same amount of time as one Staarfire. I've found that one Starfire does slightly more damage (10-30 points) than the combined effect of two Wraths (excluding crits), for slightly less mana.

For sustained DPS in groups, Starfire might be a better choice than Wrath in many situations; when soloing, you should still switch from Starfire to Wrath if the mob gets into melee range and you can't get away (Ex: indoors, where you can't cast Entangling Roots). Felindre

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