Welcome editors! This article is being rewritten in order to bring it up to date with patch 3.3.5 and to prune badly out of date content. See updated guidelines on article content and discussion page edits below. --Grímur (talk) 22:39, June 30, 2010 (UTC)

Discussion Guidelines Edit

This discussion page is to help the article editors coordinate changes. You are welcome to participate, and to make informative contributions to the article!

  • Follow the principles of WoWWiki Etiquette.
  • Focus on technique instead of experience. Avoid discussions of personal preference or judgments of experience of other posters: Example "This tactic is noobish. I PvP all the time, and I do really well against rogues. L2P!!" Instead, keep the discussion oriented around skills, talents, gear, and other elements of gameplay technique. Experience cannot be transferred in a wiki article, but gameplay techniques can. Uninformative comments and edits will be removed.
  • Sign and date your posts to this discussion page (not articles!) - use "--~~~~" (two dashes, four tildes). It expands to e.g. "--Mikk 08:51, 3 September 2006 (EDT)". Posts on the discussion page prior to June 30, 2010 have been erased. To see previous edits, refer to the page history.
  • Refrain from posting about how the article needs to be updated in the discussion page. Instead, update the article and record your changes here. A long discussion page full of comments about how bad the article is does nothing for the community. Posts such as "This article is really bad. If I were any good at PvP I'd make changes myself" will be erased.
  • Discussion page will be organized into sections based on patch / game version. When the patch notes for successive patches are released, editors should build lists of changes that must be made to the article, and move them into the list of article updates for that patch as they work through the list. The updates and requests from the previous patch can be deleted (it will remain in the page history).

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Article Content Guidelines Edit

  • This is a PvP Tactics article. The content should reflect that.
  • Focus on facts and game play technique, not on personal experience, skill, or preferences. Personal experience or skill (i.e. "Don't even try arena unless you have 1k resilience gear imo") is based on opinion and player preference, not gameplay techniques or tactics, and belongs on a class testimonial page, not in a general tactical guide.
  • Do not post about previous versions of the game. Players can look through the history if they want to know how a skill used to work in patch 2.2. For example, instead of writing "Earth Shock no longer interrupts spell casting or channeled spells", write "Wind Shear interrupts spell casting and channeling." Any information that refers to out-of-date talents, skills, or previous versions of the game and doesn't reflect current in-game conditions will be removed.
  • Do not link to items, skills, or talents which have been removed from the game. Example: Windwall Totem
  • If you are concerned that your edit will be controversial, post your justification for the update on the discussion page (not the article!). We will regularly clean up the discussion page to keep it current. Sign and date your posts to this discussion page, as documented under the Discussion Guidelines above.

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General Article Features Edit

Talent Specializations Edit

There are three sets of endgame PvP gear for the Shaman, so it is clear that Blizzard intends all of the talent trees to be useful in PvP. Each deserves to have a section with general guidelines and discussion of totems / skills / itemization.

Team Roles Edit

Perhaps we ought to have a section of the article dedicated to discussing burst-vs-support roles.

PvP Itemization and Combat Stats Edit

This section ought to discuss stats such as hit and expertise, which function much differently in PvP than in PvE and need to be itemized differently. Additionally, different specs will itemize differently and prioritize stats differently. For example, ranged attacks cannot be dodged, parried, or blocked, so Elemental shamans should avoid expertise on their gear. Healing spells do not miss, so dedicated Restoration shamans also do not need to pursue hit rating on their gear.

Ask an Expert Edit

Since it is very likely players and visitors to the article will have questions that they want to ask about the class that are not covered in the article, we might look to integrate the "ask a question" feature of WoWWiki into the page, and then review answers to questions for inclusion on one of the class guideline pages. It might be helpful if we could integrate this feature right into the body of the article.

Patch 3.3.5 Update Requests Edit

(If you see updates that need to be added in order to bring this page in alignment with the latest patch, please add them to the list below)

  • Reorient the sections of the article, concentrating on Spec / Role / Opponent sections.
  • Alphabetize the opponent section
  • Add a dedicated totem section
  • Add a role section. The renewed focus on large-scale battleground PvP as of patch 3.3 encourages more of a role-based play style and somewhat de-emphasizes small group / arena composition focus. Perhaps the role section could discuss the difference between the Shaman's role in small teams such as arena versus in part of a larger group such as battlegrounds.

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Patch 3.3.5 Article Updates Edit

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