The Horde is loosing there Shamanism!!! Edit

Its true, the more Human Like races of the Horde are making Shamanism a thing of the Past. Lets face facts that Shamanry is adapted by all the Ugly races and Non-Human Races. Orcs are Shamans, Draenei are Shamans, Quillboars have Shamanry, heck, even Furbolgs have Shamans. But unfortunatly, all the Beutifal races are not Shaman researchers. Know, there is a possability that there will be an added class to the Alliance. But the Horde is the main thing to worry about, based on the fact, people like playing as Elves or Humans (regardless of death or life) so the Horde is in trouble here. What do you think we could do to preserve Shamanry?

IMHO, it is stupid to give the alliance shaman. The alliance has a more European culture (humans being mideivel, and dwaves being scottish), while the Horde is more tribal (the Taurens are like native americans, for example). Therefore, it wouldn't make sense for the horde to be aligned with a race that has paladins, or the alliance to aligned with a race with shaman. --User:Quinn' Tonstern

Draenei aren't an ugly race, lots of people will play them as shamans. --Gadgetfingers

The reason alliance gets to play shaman is because the draenei were taught shamanism by a broken shaman. Also when they were taught they never knew they would have to escape from draenor to azeroth. So no its not stupid to let alliance play shamanism. Also horde gets to play paladin because the blood elves lust for magic has lead them to capture a poor naaru and suck out its holy magics. They are also allied with the horde the same way the forsaken are,they think the primitive races can futher their power. Also they wouldn't want to be allied with alliance because they believe the alliance betrayed them.-Hammerdin

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