There is a huge mistake in the formulas on this page. The Shadow Priest talent "Shadow Weaving" (+10% shadow damage) is not considered at all when calculating the damage output for shadow bolts. This flawes all of the calculations done. Asso (talk) 14:35, 25 May 2008 (UTC)

There is also a flaw concerning the way Improved Shadow Bolt's bonus is calculated. The expression given on the page is a scaling factor that then needs to be multiplied by 0.2 (the maximum bonus from ISB) and then added to 1, not taken on it's own. You can see this flaw simply by making C 100%. If you plug that into the equation given, ISB only gives a 1% bonus to damage, which of course is incorrect. The proper formula should be [1+0.2*(-C^4+4*C^3-6*C^2+4*C)]

Also, when comparing the two types of damage, you need to look at the entire casting rotation. Shadow simply spams sbolt, but fire uses a rotation of Immolate/Incinerate/Conflagrate. The fire rotation take 18 seconds (1.5 to cast immolate, 15 for the dot, 1.5 global cd triggered by conflagrate). In that 15 second dot, you can cast a maximum of 6 incinerates. In that same 18 seconds, a shadow lock could cast 7.2 shadowbolts (7 in 17.5 seconds).

Another possible flaw (I don't know which is true). The Shadow and Flame talent adds 20% (max) to the spell damage coefficient of shadowbolt and incinerate. It does not increase the coefficient by 20% as it is shown. The appropriate formula should be (casting/3.5)+0.2, not 1.2*(cast/3.5). Just check the wowwiki spell damamge coefficient page to confirm this.

2.4 changes Edit

Could this article be updated to reflect the 2.4 changes with Emberstorm now reducing the casting time of Incinerate by 10% as well? And I think it's safe to assume that in a fire destruction build there will be Improved Immolate as well, and an Immolate - Incinerate rotation (no conflagrate, it's a dps loss) depending on your haste.

Go ahead. Change is good. Don't forget to sign your posts! --Sky (t · c · w) 19:27, 16 June 2008 (UTC)

Yesterday, I went ahead and corrected the formula and math the origional poster put up, it doesn't include any patch changes since i just fixed how he calculated stacking total damage increases and how he listed ISB to work. I also added shadow mastery to the formula. I think the idea of this post was assuming that you are in a raid setting in which only one warlock was on immolate duty since only one immolate is necessary. I guess an additional part of the formula that includes number of warlocks in the raid can be added in order to account for immolate cast dps loss. It already takes into account the emberstorm cast reduction for incinerate, lists cast time post talents as 2.25s.---Yaimen June 16, 2008

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