I have rewritten the description of how to use Serpent Sting. The way it was previously described was rambling and unhelpful, perhaps more appropriate for a discussion of low-level hunter tactics than of this particular spell.

-Amadh March 13 2007

My calculations have shown, that as of Patch 2.3 serpent sting has an damage increase of 10% plus 10% of my RAP.

For example:

before 2.3: 660/15 = 132 damage every 3 seconds

Patch 2.3: Display has shown 171/172 damage every 3 seconds. = 865/15 total damage (I have 1333 RAP)

Patchnotes say:

  • Serpent Sting: The total damage dealt by this sting is now also increased by 10% of your ranged attack power.

660 * 1.1 = 726

  • Serpent Sting, Immolation Trap and Explosive Trap all gain additional damage based on ranged attack power.

1333 * 0.1 = 133.3

726 + 133.3 = 859.3/15 Total damage, which makes 171,86 damage every 3 seconds.

Could anyone confirm this? --MCMoses 10:04, 27 November 2007 (UTC)

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