Seal of Blood and ReckoningEdit

If people could test their Seal of Blood + Reckoning experiences and document any findings here it would be appreciated.

In my personal experience during a 5 minute duel with an Alliance paladin (Who was not attacking me, just healing) I did not experience one reckoning proc.

This is just the data from 1 person and is by no means conclusive. As far as I can see, Seal of Blood is a rather useless seal doing consistently lower damage than Seal of Righteousness and returning 10% of that damage to the paladin. But I've kept an open mind as I am indeed lavished with +spelldamage gear, and it may be far more effective on someone who does much higher white damage than myself.--Jetlaw 23:58, 4 February 2007 (EST)

In 4 hours of gameplay, using Seal of Blood mostly, I have never seen in my combatlog where you can see adjacent lines saying "You Seal of Blood hits you for XX damage" and "You gain Reckoning". All my "You gain Reckoning" lines where following a "XXXX hits/crits you for XXXX damage". The same for Redoubt. So, my conclusion is that either I'm buggy or Seal of Blood cannot trigger Reckoning nor Redoubt (a pity). Considering this seal's damage is not prevented by Blessing of Sanctuary, nor Divine Shield, one would think it's "very special" kind of damage. --Ninjabear 08:47, 13 March 2007 (EDT)

I'd rather stick to SoR or SoCom. I don't see what is so attractive about this seal. For one thing, Paladins pride themselves in their ability to outlast their opponents in a long fight but this "return" damage is ridiculous. Top it up with your opponent constantly hitting you, whether the damage you are dealing is greater, par or sub-par to your opponent, its is nothing pretty to look at. The Return damage HURTS ALOT. Invin Dranoel 05:58, 1 May 2007 (EDT)

Seal of Blood and Returned DamageEdit

I was happy to ding 64 to learn this spell to test it out. On paper it looks great! 35% holy damage per swing, and a judgement comparable to a stunned Seal of Command. So I went testing it out in SM.

What I got was a pretty lackluster seal for doing steady 2h DPS with, and I noticed I was getting hurt more than I should.

Crunched the numbers and realised the seal was thwacking me for 12.5%, not the 10% in the seal's tooltip. And also found the judgement was hitting me back for 37.77% instead of the 33% advertised. Same if I stripped all my spelldamage gear off.

however, I did have Sanctity Aura up. I'll retest without any damagemodifiers (Although 10%x10% = 1%, so it should have been hitting me back for 11% if Sanc Aura affected it, not 12.5%)

Anyone else able to confirm this? : Hemical 06:17, 4 March 2007 (EST)

Update since last patch - They fixed it! *Goes back to retnubbing it up and smacking things without belting himself for a judiciously large amount of holy damage* ^_^ Hemical 11:55, 26 June 2007 (UTC)

Seal of Blood VS Seal of CommandEdit

As a ret paladin in kara I noticed a substantial increase in my dps when switching from seal of command to seal of blood. From what I've seen (and this is mostly subjective) the consistent procs make this seal more favorable than command, and that it seems to scale with AP/wep dmg and it can crit makes it more attactive than SoR(which scales with spell damage).-- Ace99635 19:11, 1 November 2007 (UTC)

I am ret currently only for leveling and pvping at 69 (i find it much easier to get gear in 69 than in 70 BGs) and I have noticed an increase in speed at which i kill things overall using blood versus command. instead of judging crusader, as i used to, i now judge wisdom to offset the mana it takes to heal the extra damage taken from blood. the only issue i see with blood vs command is if you are geared in some spell and some AP gear. it then becomes a toss up, and you shoulder try for yourself --Haddon 08:23, 16 April 2008 (UTC)

Top quote Edit

I think we could improve the quote at the top a little bit. It's a bit wordy, and the wordiness waters down its potential epic-ness. Any suggestions for better wording or a better quote (especially if its lore-based) would be appreciated. // Montag (talk · contr) 18:52, 2 April 2008 (UTC)

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