Before Cycle of Hatred, the terms "Magus" and "Magna" have only been used in reference to Medivh and Aegwynn, respectively. In Cycle of Hatred the title "Magna" is used with Scavell's name, but only once, and is described as meaning "Protector" in Dwarvish.

This seems a little confusing. Before Cycle of Hatred I would have assumed with little doubt that the two titles were equivalent and simply gender-specific. However, Scavell is spoken to as "Magna," though he is male. Since the term was only used once, is it possible this was a slip-up by the author? That would seem the most obvious explanation...

--Wasted 22:57, 25 June 2006 (EDT)

I tend to think is was indeed a continuity error, as you suggest, but it may have been intentional. "Magus" is the root of "mage" and a couple of other places refer to members of the Kirin Tor as "Magus." Furthermore, Cycle of Hatred (and actually, some in-game references) call Jaina a "Wizard," typically a male title. And while my Persian isn't that good, "Magna" is definetly the Latin form of "Mega," so the two are incompatable anyway. I'm guessing that to unerline the trail-blazing of Jaina and Aegwynn in equality in the mage's circles, the author chose to make the titles non-gender-specific. --Ragestorm 09:05, 26 June 2006 (EDT)

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