Being one of the major warlock builds on top of taking up a lot of space on the warlock talents page, this page will allow us to go more in-deapth with information on this specific build. In particular we need sections on the following IMO...

  • The major talents required for this build are Shadow Mastery and Ruin so...
    • What other talents work well with this build
      • Nightfall
      • Improved Shadow Bolt
    • What other talents do not work well
      • Improved Drain Soul
      • Improved Curse of Agony
      • Cataclysm
      • etc
    • Reasons why some talents work better than others.
      • Cataclysm will never save you enough mana to make the loss in damage worth it.
      • Curse of Shadows will give you far more mileage than Curse of Agony.
    • Little Tricks and Tactics in combat (both solo, PVP, and grouping) for the build in question.
    • And, of course, more example builds.

--Arandmoor 00:09, 13 Feb 2006 (EST)

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