Fire elementals, and all the mobs that term covers, (ie magma elementals, etc.) are also immune to bleed effects. I think this may be the same for air and water elementals and ghosts. Not quite sure. Earth elementals are affected. If we get a more complete list, we should update the immune to bleed reference.

Several bosses are immune to bleed effects too, including Murmur. Should we maintain this list of notable bleed-immune mobs on the bleed article? --Bendyr 13:15, 19 April 2007 (EDT)
I'm 100% sure that elementals in general cannot bleed, so they are unaffected by this ability. --Ghman

The theorycraft on this page is wrong A fun little formula but besides the point

CP = Combo Points
Base damage before AP = 11*CP^2 + 103*CP + 210 --Barnmaddo

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