Formatting Edit

Ok, this list is nice. Starting chance to the other talent pages to make them look like this one, with a lot mixed in from the way the warlock page is build up.

Currently, the shaman, hunter, paladin, druid, and priest pages are the first ones on the list to be changed, as they look worse than any of the others. CJ 09:48, 9 Mar 2006 (EST)

Rogue table size reduced somewhat, still more to come. CJ 03:17, 16 March 2006 (EST)

PvP Talents Edit

What are good PvP talents for rogues? --Azuki (talkcontr) 18:43, 4 January 2007

I find that the assasination tallents work best for killing enemys quickly in PvP. Linch12345 (talk) 14:15, 6 August 2008 (UTC) 10:14, 6 August 2008

Subtlety's Role Edit

It is said here that Assassination is the burst damage spec, Combat is the sustained damage spec, and Subtlety... relies on stealth. In all honesty, I see Assassination as a burst-survival spec, Combat as a sustained-survival spec, and Subtlety as pure burst damage spec.

Or would you say that giving these flat definitions is silly and descriptions in what they do should make the person reading decide for themselves? Raglu 02:48, 12 August 2007 (UTC)

I think if you had a line-graph for the different specs' damage, Combat rogues would be a relatively calm squiggle with spikes on their eviscs, Subtelty rogues would have a huge spike at the beginning followed by varying squiggles, and Assassination rogues would be all over the place. </br> We call Combat sustained because we can more or less predict it, Subtelty relying on stealth because without our opening moves we get powned in the face, and Assasination burst because they rely on combinations more than the other two. At least that's this Sub Rogue's impression. Razzik 01:20, 20 September 2007 (UTC)


So many people don't take opportunity, but to me it looks like a flat 20% damage bonus on 4 major DPS skills. Is there something I don't know about it that makes it worse? Is it like, just active while stealthed or something? —The preceding unsigned comment was added by Infrit (talkcontr).

3.0.2 Changes Edit

What's the plan with updating for the 3.0.2 changes? I'd imagine that lots of people will be changing it at once, now that the patch is live, so I don't want to go through the work if someone will undo the changes and apply their own a few hours later.

If no one replies to this before tomorrow, I'll go ahead and update the page; I'm bored at work.

Updated...finally Edit

Since apparently no one else was interested, and I became increasingly frustrated at coming to wowwiki for reference while leveling my rogue and finding horribly outdated material, I took the time to update this page. Everything is now as it appears in patch 3.0.9. There are a lot of new talents that don't have pages yet, and a lot of the existing talent pages still need updating. All the updated text can be found here, so it's just a matter of checking each one. Hopefully someone else can help out. Chairman Kaga (talk) 07:30, 14 February 2009 (UTC)

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