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Since TBC I am quite pissed off with Bliz regarding rogue armor sets... If I go onto the Ah I see 3 different sets for cloth users and some for the warriors. Even with LW it is possible to make nice mail armors for Shamans and Hunters... but I must say that I miss some good Rogue sets here.. At 60 I had 3 pieces of Stormshroud (giving energy when procced) and I had the Devilsaur set if I wanted high Attack Power.

Unfortunatly in the BC I havent found any comparible sets that are quite as easily obtained! all I see are mages / warlocks and priest kicking my ass with their epic crafted sets available at the AH for 100g a piece (Daggerspine alliance)!

Can some1 please tell me that Blizz will add more LW recipes for Rogues?? I need it!



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