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I know this has been beaten to death on various forums, but is a rogue really needed in dungeons and raids that have lots of AoE encounters or few humanoid trash mobs? I know a well played rogue can contribute quite a bit, but their DPS seems to have been nerfed to be below other classes in many cases, dungeons seem not to have locked anything anymore, and rogue squishiness makes them a pain for healers. One of the best rogue players I know switched to a DK, because it out-DPSed his rogue pretty easily with worse gear and had alot better survivability. --Gengar orange 22x22 Fandyllic (talk · contr) 5:42 PM PST 25 Feb 2009

Blizzard seems to be aware that there is a problem based on this post from Ghostcrawler:
27. Re: Rogues - Why I don't bring them. | 2009-01-30 04:59 | Ghostcrawler

Q u o t e:
1.) Rogue DPS in every spec lacks in regards to PvE
2.) Rogue's lack a sufficient AoE in World of AoEcraft to keep up (Please note Fan of Knives is weak and annoying to listen to when spammed, we've gone from lolvolley Hunters to lolknives Rogues as well on some players).
3.) Rogues lack any buffs that would allow them in a raid / grp should they lack 1 & 2 (which they do).

1) I think this is totally valid and we owe rogues some dps. We have been cautious because we can't afford to give them any more PvP dps and those crafty rogues tend to use PvE dps for PvP.

2) This is not a big concern of ours. The goal is not to make every dps class equal on every single encounter. Mages, locks, ele shamans and boomkins (and possibly hunters) have great AE. Not every class needs great AE. We want rogues, DKs, ferals, warriors, enhancement shammies and everyone I have forgotten to do decent enough AE that they don't feel dumb standing around on AE pulls. Every pull currently feels like an AE pull. It won't always be that way.

3) I think this falls in between 1 and 2. Classes aren't supposed to have buffs so good that you always want to bring them. We built a lot of redundancy into the system. However we are taking a hard look at cases where someone's buff comes easier or more reliably than another class. Saying "every raid has a warrior" isn't very compelling in our mind. Saying "their buff is a passive ability while ours is a proc that takes 5 talent points" is a bigger deal we need to fix.

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--Gengar orange 22x22 Fandyllic (talk · contr) 5:48 PM PST 25 Feb 2009

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