The: Talisman of Binding shard(+24), No longer spawns, but i listed it so people are aware of it. Only 1-2 people are known to own it.

Project Greed Edit

I wrote a perl script that does a massive query based on config files that I prepared. Presumably everytime I run the query it will update the list with the most current, up-to-date items out there. I put it at though a more recent query version is at (which I have not manually filtered). I have not finished writing all the config files and thus the queries are currently incomplete.

Feel free to utilize information found within. There are some obvious errors in the resistances that I know of. In some cases the script did not find Ata'lai Gloves of X Resist and therefore omitted it from the final result. FYI. --Caeryn 17:46, 7 July 2006 (EDT)

test Edit

Res Type Item Source
20 Trade engraving [Lesser Arcanum of Resilience] World dropbook
20 Trade engraving [Glyph of Fire Warding] Thrallmar / Honor HoldRevered
x Inv misc wartornscrap leather [Glyph of Fire Warding] Thrallmar / Honor HoldRevered

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