"If you wish to do the most damage possible, Ravage is preferable to Pounce. " Edit

Not exactly true. A pounce and two shreds (easily obtainable with Brutal Impact and Shredding Attacks; pounce, shred, wait one tick, shred) does more than double the damage, and if you get a lucky Omen of Clarity proc, you can get a third shred in. In addition, the time they're pounce-stunned, they're not doing damage to you, either. With my cat gear, I have around 2250 attack power (it seems to change sometimes, up to 2500 or as low as 2100, with the same gear and only self buffs. I suspect a problem with the character sheet...) and ravage will crit for maybe 1k damage on something like the ogres in Nagrand near Halaa. Pounce damages and stuns, then two or three shreds do a lot more damage; if they crit my shreds can do 1500 apiece. 950 < 3000 - 4500, plus the pounce bleed damage.

Ravage is definately a better opener on something stun immune, but it's still useful on things that are bleed-but-not-stun immune, like elementals. 1/3rd their life before they can ever start attacking me is good stuff. --Azaram 11:08, 10 December 2007 (UTC)

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