It seems like that for friendly targets if there is not currently a resurrect available for a friendly target that they will be able to right click it off when they die. Does anyone know if the ghoul moves the corpse? (It might be fun to try, maybe, really complicated out-of-instance resurrects with a warlock summon, but meh it's still an incombat resurrect...mage ports last 1 minute warlock summon is 10 second cast...) Like, when the ghoul "Dies" (it's undead technically) were does the corpse remain? At the original location or at the ghoul's current location?

Also, for enemy targets, will this prevent friends-of-enemy-targets from resurrecting them in or out of combat with the master of ghouls talent? Will the player be able to release? (While that's what undead is - no soul release from a dead body, you would potentially be able to force that player to fight for you and he can only watch-- to clarify, I'm thinking it might prevent resurrects on the corpse but not releasing [hard to find corpses anyway], but could go either way [especially since Blizzard tends have the game release as OP/unbalanced/bugged {it is a MMO, this is common} and then nerf it a few days later]). I'm also wondering if corpse explosion would do anything to prevent the corpse from being resurrected or from this ability being used on it. Miryuki (talk) 23:03, 20 August 2008 (UTC)

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