Cleaning up the article by moving the talk about what to put into the various sections here. As needed trying to keep the formating consistant with teh front page to help make it clear what area is being talked about. --BaldMonkey 20:35, 16 Aug 2005 (BST)

Introduction Edit

Temporary content for now, taken from the good work on the original priest page. I've moved it here to try to keep the initial class pages all consistent with the same layout and base content - plus it kinda seems suitable anyway :) Still need to create a template of some sort for these class tactics pages before working too much on the individual class contents. -- Goldark 05:14, 22 Nov 2004 (EST)

There should probably be tactics based on level ranges or what spells are usable. Tactics change as abilities change. Also, there needs to be a distinction between soloing and group tactics. Did a little re-organizing and expanding. -- Fandyllic 08:45 AM, 1 Feb 2005 (PDT)

Been playing a priest a lot (only up until level 49 yet), lots of insight to be added, will add more when I have time -- archangelq 12:25, 25 Feb 2005 (PST)

Is this really true? "A common misconception is that a shielded Warrior generates less Rage, which has been proven in tests to be wrong. Shielding does not affect Rage generation in any way." Taking damage generates rage, right? Does this mean the rage is generated even if the damage is absorbed by the PW:S?

It is ABSOLUTELY true that PW:S affects rage generation. I will be posting a video soon and editing out the statements saying otherwise. As person above me said the shield absorbs the damage taken and thus doesn't allow for rage generation from dmg taken. If a warrior is protection specced and tanking, then most of their rage is obtained from taking dmg. PW:Sing them can most certainly cause a definitive period of very little rage generation. I know some warriors who will just click off a shield if the situation demands it. - Jillli

Fairly certain after rage normalization they take rage after being hit, not by taking damage. So the shield shouldn't hinder rage at all. Qii 15:03, 16 January 2007 (EST)

Mana efficiency = king? Edit

Mana efficiency is *not* the key to fast leveling. You don't want to minimize mana use or downtime, but you want to maximize XP/h. You gain XP from dealing damage, you lose time from casting and drinking. For example, on my level 54 priest, Mind Flay deals about 470 damage, takes 3 seconds to cast, and costs about 137 mana. Even if you ignore manareg from spirit, drinking regenerates 2934/30 = 97.8 mana per second, so it takes 137/97.8 = 1.4 seconds to regenerate the mana needed. That's 470 damage in 3+1.4 seconds, i.e. 106.8 dps (even more if you consider Spirit and Spirit Tap). No wand/dagger has that much dps.

Let's make it more extreme, let's say that Mind Flay will only have one tick of 156. Not mana efficient at all. Cast time 1 sec, still 1.4 secs to regenerate, that's 156/2.4 = 65 dps. Again, how many wands/daggers have 65 dps at level 54? Exactly, none. That being said, it's still not smart to waste mana. You probably shouldn't cast Mind Flay to finish off that mob with 50 HP if you could have waited another sec for the next tick of SW:P.

BTW Psychic Scream Rank 1 costs 100 mana, while PW:S costs twice as much if you're level 30+. You shouldn't use PW:S unless you have to.

Tifi 20:53, 2 August 2007 (UTC)

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