FANDOM Please help add more info, and get that suitable as a much needed replacement for this page. Page is practically ready to go live Cvt (talk) 03:27, 23 August 2008 (UTC)

6 is terribly correct. But the opposite holds as well. I entered the Deadmines as lvl 20 priest several time and I was always seen as the main cause of the outcome. In case of wipe people said "It's due to this terrible priest". One time the first person to say so was main tank who often appeared behind me and the mage. Next time the first to curse me was rogue always running to mine copper near not yet killed group of elites. Next time I was accused by druid who did not understand, that to tank she needs to be in bear form and retake aggro when I cast fade.

In times of success people often thought that good healer is the main reason for so. In fact it was tank who rarely loses aggro and retakes it while I'm still faded, tank switching when I say OOM, people maintaining line of sight and never splitting. What people think about the priest is what the entire group is.

BTW I will add one more tip there. :) 21:14, 12 July 2007 (UTC)

Well I think the page needs to be cleaned up in that regard. Saying 'priests always get blamed for wipes' is a bit general, and more opinion than fact. I've done a lot of groups, and for the most part, people aren't quick to point fingers. When someone is constantly caught 'in a bad moment'...not attacking or casting, or accidentally hitting a button they shouldn't have, then they get blamed, but there's no one party that gets blamed without a bit of fact mixed in. Silent Fox (talk) 21:12, 28 May 2008 (UTC) Silent Fox

Silent Fox. Not always true. Its common to have DPS not be able to manage threat, peel, then blame the tank for not enough agro and/or the healer for not keeping them alive. This is not common come into heroics, but levelling it is scary how many do this.. like shammys using frostshock before the warrior has even hit it, or mages throwing pyroblast before the first sunder/dev, and they do blame the tank/healer. Its not just dps, the number of healers that use wrong heals and go oom and tanks that can't generate threat. but the blame in levelling cases is usually not pointed the correct way.

A lot of the information on this page is excessive, at a first look, its to be honest, daunting. then to make it worse, it's filled with a lot of invaluable/unecessary information. a lot needs to be removed and/or cleaned up, also there is a lot of opinionated comments in it which should be changed or removed.

How heavily generalised is it intended to be... a raiding priest is a completely different story to a levelling/instancing, and even a heroic priest. This applies to all the classes. It appears that this is aimed towards those that are levelling, yet from my experience on all my characters, theres just as many that raid that need help understanding their classes. This means adding some theorycraft, explaining priests strengths/weaknesses in raid situations, and how they should heal, take advantage of oo5s rule, etc. Its scary how many 2000 +healing priests there are with 6k hp and 400mp5 oo5s. this is clearly people gearing a priest with no real knoledge of what they need or how they should be healing, and nothing on any of these pages explain how they should gear and play. cvt

I find it odd that this whole page only focuses on healing priests. Where are all the shadow priests? They do a significant amount of dps, sometimes even surpassing mages and hunters. Theace1775 (talk) 12:35, 20 August 2008 (UTC)

You raise a valid point, considering atleast 1 shadow priest is a required component of many 25 man encounters, although honestly their dps isn't generally that good, and in an equivelently geared and correctly played raid the sPr will not pass the bHu, rogue or locks, there main purpose is the utility they bring,and the healing done/mana returned from having an sPr in your group is massive. Someone with good deep knowledge of a sPr should put some stuff in about it.

Automated transfer of Problem Report #12776 Edit

The following message was left by Anonymous via PR #12776 on 2008-08-11 08:08:36 UTC

This is less of a priest guide as a healer guide. Whoever wrote it seems to know very little of anything except basic grouping and healing. It really needs to be updated by a skilled and experienced priest that does end game raiding who knows what they're talking about, or else this guide is just worthless.

Sickeningly outdated. Edit

Many of the tips and issues on this page are completely outdated for 3.0.8 and WotLK. This page is in desperate need of an update.

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