The talents section includes several talents that influence +heal or spell crit chance, but I have yet to see a crit occur on a prayer of mending heal, and I'm also not sure that it's affected by +heal rating. Anyone able to clear this up? --Scrotch 20:38, 31 March 2007 (EDT)

Not sure about the +crit, I'd guess no, since it might be considered OP if it could. It definitely uses +heal. You should see the heal amount in the combat log, mine was ~1300. I have around 1k of +heal and Spiritual Healing. The calculation is (800 * 1.1 (SH)) + (.43 (+heal coefficient) * 1000 (+heal)) which gives us around 1300 healing per jump. Assuming a typical raid spec priest and 1K +heal, I get a hp/mana of 4.66 vs 4.89 for gheal 6. That's for the first heal. This makes it incredibly mana efficient even assuming 1 jump.

Some tips:

- If you have the 4/5 Hallowed set bonus, the ratio goes up to 5.05 making it more efficient than gheal on the 1st heal.

- Renew 12, even with all the related talents (IR,SH,MA), has a ratio of 5.94.

- Due to the high damage done in heroics, I highly recommend use of this spell to help avoid healing threat.

- Great for use while soloing because of its instant cast nature.

- Use this to heal the tank after you just faded and do not want to increase your threat more.

- Casting on a low armored class not intended to take damage is not recommended if they are being targetted unless a personal dislike exists between yourself and said low-armored class.

- I would not recommend casting it on a tank if you expect low damage hits. For example, your tank is gathering a large group of non-elites to be aoe'd. This is due to the heal being consumed on a low damage hit.

- If ProM jumps to you, you can cast SW:D on a mob to keep it moving.

Zequel 16:10, 25 April 2007 (EDT)

Thanks for the reply Zequel; I've figured out some of your comments myself in the last month or so but not all of them, and the number crunch is definitely appreciated. Another tip I can add (and if I have time I'll put it on the page myself) is to make sure you always put it on the tank before combat begins; although they don't always receive the full effect of the heal when it procs, it does provide at least a small amount of extra threat for them, which can be helpful if you have party members who think that fighting the tank for aggro is fun. I never do, but maybe some people have this problem. :P
I do want to disagree with your second-to-last comment, however, as when aoeing a group of mobs (let's say the groups of skeles before Vorpil in Shadow Labyrinth) any extra threat the tank can generate to keep them away from the squishies aoeing is appreciated. I usually throw one on the tank before combat, have them wait a few seconds before engaging, and then throw another one on after they stomp and the first one jumps. Since there's about a 1/2 second delay before the tank is hit and PrOM procs, they often have already taken multiple hits and are able to take most if not all of the effect, and the second PrOM procs almost immediately as well, meaning a few extra moments of aoe and one less shield I have to throw up.--Scrotch 03:16, 18 May 2007 (UTC)

Due to its tricky mechanics, maybe a strategy section should be added. There's a lot to be done with this spell. Proper positioning can definitely enhance the effectiveness of this spell. Where proper positioning is impossible due to specific boss encounters and such, perhaps separate strategies for the party? As of 2.1, only Shadow word: Death can proc the heal without being hit (that I know of) (Life Tap doesn't work). I don't have the sufficient information but I could go ahead and try to test it. Of course it would save a lot of time if someone already knows. Currently (6-7-07) it can jump to the party member you are dueling. Whether or not it actually heals, i cannot confirm but I've seen the jump. Has anyone shecked if Dark Rune or Demonic Rune can trigger the heal?

I'm not so convinced about the efficiency off just one proc, i'll really have to go research this as i'm writing a priest healbotting guide at the moment and discourage use of it for a single heal due to efficiency, i've +1700-1800 healing and hence get around 1600 POM jumps, yet my flash heal lands for 2300-2400, and only costs 50% more mana cost and gives 50% more healing than POM non-crit, and thats off flash heal which is certainly less efficient than G.Heal... Do the number really pan out and make one proc of POM anywhere near efficient? I'll have to go do the maths at some point but if someone has the time before I do to do the number crunch can someone confirm or deny this because right now I dispute this? POM @ 312 mana = 1600 heal, G.heal @ 701 mana = 5000 heal, f.heal @ 470 mana = 2400 heal, pom = 5.1 hp/mana,g.heal = 7.1 hp/mana, f.heal = 5.1 hp/mana... so its efficiency off one proc is the same as flash heal? would we argue flash heal is efficient? and on average since it crits it will beat POM (as will g.heal by more). maybe it should be noted that because POM has very few talents that improve it, the separation of the efficiency of greater+flash heal will get further ahead of POM as kit improves, probably down to emp.healing talent ...

And yes it does heal your opponent in a duel if it jumps to them... very dumb and kinda wierd when you first see it ("Wtf? did you just pot?")

Iprice 11:14, 2 August 2007 (UTC)

Had a miscalculation, used gheal 6 healing (doh).
Here's the calculation for your +1700 healing gear:
GHeal 7
701 mana (after Improved Healing) = 825*.85
.86 Healing Coefficiency (3.0cast time/3.5)
2590 avg base heal ((2396+2784)/2)
2849 after Spiritual Healing is applied +10%
your +heal (with 3/5 Empowered Healing (12%)) is ((1700*.86)*1.12) = +1632
so your average non-crit gheal will heal for 4481
4481/701 = 6.39 hp/mana

ProM (1 heal)<br> 281 mana (after Mental Agility (5/5),Healing Prayers) = 390*.9*.8
.43 coeff (1.5/3.5) - instant being treated as a 1.5 cast
800 base cast
880 after Spiritual Healing
your +heal is +728 (1700*.43)
so your heal will be 1609
1609/281 = 5.73
It jumps to 6.12 with the Hallowed Set 4-piece bonus (1718/281).

So you're right, GHeal is more efficient vs a 1 heal ProM but ProM is very competitive with 1 heal
and doubles/triples,etc on 2,3 jumps. For gheal crits, you get 1.5x healing with crits and let's say you have
around a 10% crit rate, that's a (.1*50%) 5% increase to healing so maybe 6.7mana/heal assuming your crits aren't overhealing.

Zequel 20:31, 8 August 2007 (UTC)

Oh, ooh, many months later and reminiscing (doing priest homework actually...) I just realised not only does FH/GH have crits and POM doesn't, but also FH/GH usually heal their full ammount (well G.heal more likely on a MT) as they will only be fired when their full effect is expected to be needed. Most of POM after it jumps is wasted healing, and pre-loading it at 100% health would mean it would only heal for the ammount of the next hit. And so on, so tho the numbers you have above show reasonably close (non hallowed set) values, the crits will push GH further up (say by 10% to approx 7hp/mana) and POM's value will be pushed down by a % that is very individual. I do know however I wouldn't fire POM just because the cooldown is up and interrupt my lovely 5 second rule timing, mana regen in one tick more than pays for the healing that POM would do on a single target. But thats getting quite deep now.

Iprice 20:30, 30 December 2007 (UTC)

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