Not just because of a full inventory? Edit

The article says the Postmaster will send on items that a character could not accept due to a full inventory. This doesn't seem to be the only time the Postmaster gets involved however.

I finished my first random heroic dungeon of the day using the dungeon finder tool, which at level 80 awards you 2 Emblem of Frost and the usual 2 Emblem of Triumph. It was The Oculus and due to the healer's disconection all but one DPS died, I fell from my drake and in the nothingness below, when the last DPS' drake died I assumed we'd have to start again so released from my corpse only to find that during my loading screen the DPS had managed (somehow) to jump back onto a drake and kill Ley-Guardian Eregos before he reset and went back to full health. Because of this I got my 2 Emblem of Frost but not my Emblem of Triumph.

The Postmaster then sent the Emblem of Triumph on to me in the mail. I had space in my inventory and as people know Emblems don't take up an inventory space, they were sent on for another reason.

Long winded and maybe overly specific story I know, I thought the easiest way to change the article would be if I added 'usualy because of a full inventory' and then if anyone feels the need they can somehow condense this to put into the example section. --Lyco 19:30, April 7, 2010 (UTC)

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