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The Lich King

"Not the armor Arthas wears in WoW, which is the same armor he wore as a DK. The Plate of the Damned can be seen in the Frozen Throne before Arthas shattered it, and hasn't been seen since."

That's not necessarily true. There's a contradiction in the lore that's never been sorted out.

The Manual of Monsters says, "It was crafted by demons along with the Helm of Domination and given to Ner'zhul to make him nearly invulnerable, along with the Helm, the armor was bonded to Ner'zhul's spirit and locked within the Frozen Throne." That suggests that it's the armor we see locked in the ice in the Frozen Throne.

However... apart from that blurb about its origins, the RPG goes on to treat the Plate of the Damned as though it were the armor Arthas wears. It's described as a suit of full plate, "massive in form" and weighing 50 pounds. Arthas' gear fits that description; the assorted bits of armor we see in the throne do not.

There's also a line that says, "Now Arthas carries the whole set" (referring to Frostmourne, the Helm of Domination, and the Plate of the Damned). The items he has equipped in his writeup are: Frostmourne, plate of the damned, helm of domination, gauntlets of might, cloak of resistance +5. In both cases, it makes it clear that the Lich King is wearing the Plate of the Damned... even when all the art (including that in the book) shows him wearing the armor Arthas wore as a death knight, not the armor that was in the throne.

The issue is further confused because it's never explained how Arthas got his armor (not even in the novel). He kills Mal'Ganis, there's a time jump, and he's back in Lordaeron wearing the armor he will go on to wear as the Lich King.

So is the Plate of the Damned the armor that was locked in the throne, or is it Arthas' armor? The RPG tries to play it as both.

The only way I can think to reconcile this would be to assume that the Plate of the Damned is Arthas' armor, that it was forged by demons (explaining why it matches the helm and sword), and that it was locked in the throne until Ner'zhul pushed it out (along with Frostmourne) and had it delivered to Arthas. The bits of extraneous armor in the throne (which are never used) would then be just for show. Egrem (talk) 21:17, August 11, 2010 (UTC)

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