"Note that there are many patterns being fired from the wrong event, such as HEALEDOTHERSELF (%s's %s heals you for %d.) being fired from CHAT_MSG_SPELL_HOSTILEPLAYER_BUFF."

Do enemy players really ever heal YOU? Mind Control? Well, most probably, but then it seems correct because CHAT_MSG_SPELL_HOSTILEPLAYER_BUFF is for all friendly spells cast by hostile players.

Seems like some messages are currently missing which should logically be listed. Not sure if I can make all work adding them, but maybe someone will.

Some environmental damage is generally missing. There is no fatigue or drowning damage. Party members apparently never fall or swim in lava, their attacks also can't be blocked. Pets never attack evading mobs, that's rather true, but I think they don't attack immune mobs either, or maybe they do because normal attacks don't cost mana/focus.

So it seems this list needs some love.

--Drundia 19:24, 4 September 2006 (EDT)

I'm sure the CHAT_MSG_SPELL_HOSTILEPLAYER_BUFF is incorrect, because the healer in that example is a friendly player in my party. You can verify this easily by asking some friendly player to heal you, and see what is the event being fired. When I claim that some events are incorrect in the list, I know they're incorrect because the names are someone I knew (i.e. I'm sure they're friendly or hostile players).

For the missing messages, even though I'm 99% sure a message can be fired form an event, I think it is better to add them to the page only when I have actually verified it. This is a huge list, so I didn't create the page manually. I wrote an addon to record those information when I'm playing, and then I wrote a simple script to convert the saved variables to wiki format. But I don't play all the classes and raid all the instances, so there are some messages which I could probably never encounter myself.

If you see there are missing messages (which you're very sure that they will be fired from a specified event), then please add them.

May be I should publish my event recording addon somewhere so that more people can get to help complete this page?

--Rophy 22:40, 11 September 2006 (EDT)

Outdated info, redirecting elsewhere Edit

The info on this page was never maintained, and is entirely obsoleted with patch 2.4. I've changed it to a #redirect Patch_2.4.0/Consolidated_API_changes/Guide_to_the_New_Combat_Log --Mikk (T) 06:32, 2 May 2008 (UTC)

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