I was wondering if it is possible to skip this boss as he seems to be very hard on heroic and i only need the second boss.

He can't really be skipped. The way to go on Heroic is a tank in some shadow resist gear. Hitting 100-120 unbuffed is very easy to do and will have a HUGE impact on the tank's survivability. --Calamar

It's definitely possible to skip him, you just wait 'til he's really close to the wall. --truetorment

Strategies: Heroic Edit

I removed this block:

"In short in order to be able to kill this boss, you need a tank with at least 220 Shadow resist, and i also suggest on 2 healers since mana will run out very fast. healers should keep tank on 100% HP on all times otherwise 1 damage burst that is not resisted such as Void Blast and tank dies, which mean instant wipe.

Regarding to tanking position, i suggest to NOT tank him with your back to a wall, since void blast will throw you back, if you are thrown back far enough, Void Blast will target other members of the group those giving healer time to heal you the tank up back to 100% HP, if you have 250+ Shadow resist it's probably not needed but can help a bit. As for tanking gear as long as it have a lot of Shadow Resist and Stamina it's good for this boss since all his damage is Shadow based, i suggest tanks to even use cloth items if they are with a lot of Shadow resist and Stamina"

This is so very wrong I don't even know where to start. Not only are there serious grammar problems, it's just plain wrong. Shadow resist helps, but is most definitely not necessary, and two healers will result in no DPS. Done it a ton of times with only prayer of shadow prot, and we're fine. Feel free to add it back in if you want, but this is so awful I had to remove it when I read it. --Shirik 19:17, 30 May 2007 (UTC)

I brought back the 'myth' of 200 Shadow Resistance, but made it a recommendation. This was based on my own experiences as a druid tank: I was still being severely punished at 170 SR, which rarely sees a 75% spot-resist. I was also the person to remove the comment that a "well-geared group should be able to beat him with no major problems". 15 consecutive wipes said otherwise, and this resource really doesn't gain anything from opinions like that. ;) JIM 11:29, 3 June 2007 (UTC)

Well, i'll admit that my comment didn't add anything constructive, but my group DID one shot him with a druid tank, shadow priest, myself healing, and 2 pure DPS. My advice: kick the healer:P I do think that telling people that they need 200 SR is incorrect in this case. It's the same as the Curator question - does AR help out the healers or just gimp your damage enough to make it harder on the healers in the long run.Dib

(I removed leading spaces in removed block, as it made two lines three feet long off the right side of the monitor. --Azaram 08:11, 29 October 2007 (UTC))

Void Blast Edit

The great multitude of authors that have remarked on this ability - including myself - do not seem to fully understand what it does. Does it include AOE? How does range affect it? Does knockback cause the shadow bolts or vice versa? And most importantly, with all these assertions about totems and pets and snakes, how many of those are confirmed? From my own observations, it looks like Pandemonius throws shadow bolts whenever he darned-well pleases, and if you get hit by one (no resist), you get knocked back. However, since I don't know this, I did my best to minimize the contradictions. If a person has never fought Pandemonious, they will know for sure that there is group damage that throws people around. JIM 11:29, 3 June 2007 (UTC)

From my fights with Pandemonius I know that he tends to bolt directly after his shield (if not exclusively) and that Grounding Totem indeed can take all hits. Sometimes the Grounding Totem takes less hits though and some bolts hit the party. Knockback is caused by the Bolt, though the knockback happens before the bolt graphically reaches the charakter. The bolts as well don't hit everyone, but 4 (random ?) targets. Caern 00:22, 14 October 2007 (UTC)
On heroic, he volleys immediately after banishing. However, I noticed that sometimes he'd only volley once, other times he'd chain-cast several. I am not certain, but I suspect the difference was in positioning - if everyone starts in melee range of him, he only does one. If there are people at range, he chain-casts several. I didn't get the chain-casts until some people in my group tried to los the volley (as they were expecting chain-casts from previous runs; in my previous run, we'd all been in melee range, and he'd never chain-cast). Flowers 02:49, 16 February 2008 (UTC)

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