Is this confirmed by Blizz? I would've thought it may have been a reference to Tim O'Reilly, the publisher of many computing books, who mostlyhad a nice animal on the cover. I'm thinking of the regex book, but I'm sure there were others with owls.

Normal 10:22, 5 January 2007 (EST)

no my guess is that it clearly was a reference to Tim O'Reilly. Although Blizzard wouldn't be shy to add a reference to some obscure internet fab somewhere.. considering just the time frame between this bird ingame, and the fab .. as well as the popularity of O'rly versus O'Reilly .. not to mention that the whole quest you (could pre cata) get from the nearby npc Narain pointing toward a BOOK.. you had to find. which also had a reference in it ... Draconic for dummies .. all in all making it likely this was pointing to O'Reilly.. Spell holy avengersshield Talk to | CoZ about | his contributions Ui-charactercreate-factions horde