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Random Stuff Edit

When choosing a race, should it be noted that people tend to choose Alliance races more often than Horde? Perhaps this is because people identify Alliance with the "good guys" and Horde with the "bad guys." --Fandyllic

Or, on top of that, they want to be on the side with the most players because they're a bunch of zerging newbs...or not. For the Horde! --Astral (talkcontr) 21:24, 27 June 2005
Why have u put a Author(s) section? A normal wiki web site don t have signature in article (if the article don`t have copyright) !! --Meitnerium (talkcontr) 14:28, 28 June 2005
I kind of mentioned the Horde/Alliance discrepency in the picking a server section. The one friend of mine that plays Alliance told me he heard the Alliance quests and territories were just better done and more streamlined. And I agree about the authors section. It's shouldn't be there, but whatever. ---Spork

getting started

how do you get started playing world of warcraft after you have an account? email me the answer at Thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Parties section Edit

I propose moving nearly the entire Parties section to Category:Partying. I wouldn't want to do that without asking first, and I don't know if that category will likely get much attention, but there are some tips for party roles that are good and important. For instance, I have macros that say who I'm healing. That's very important if you think about it. Mages should have macros that say who they're polymorphing, etc. What "party role" would a mage have, in light of polymorph? Caster? Perhaps Support, which is not currently an article as are healer and caster and tank, etc. -- D. F. Schmidt talk 04:08, 25 Aug 2005 (EDT)

Character Creation Image Edit

Now that you can see the Draenei and Blood elf buttons but that they aint clickable, we should maybe update the image under Character Creation. Not any critical, just a small note to keep the wiki up to date. -- FireFly 13:36, 11 December 2006 (EST)

Hybrid/non-hybrid Edit

Shouldn't Warlocks be hyrbid and Rogues non-hybrid? Warlocks can off-tank with Demonology, go debuff crazy with Affliction, or do DPS with Destruction, but Rogues are purely physical DPS, just in different styles. I think those descriptions ought to be changed, as I usually have a much easier time finding groups as a Rogue than a Warlock. --Dreyfuss of Durotan 14:35, 1 Feb 2006 (EST)

minor edit, == Levelling and Experience == wasn't in its own line, messing up with the section User:SaudiGamer|SaudiGamer]] 17:58, 3 Feb 2006 (EST)

minor edit, == Added 1.9 auction houses == I added the 6 new auction houses; this results in a long list of auction houses as a side effect. I do not completely like this result; i hope someone knows how to improve it. --Kasper 18:30, 23 Feb 2006 (EST)

Splitting the Newbie Guide Edit

Just a short note from a newbie point of view - as a brand new maybe soon to be player, I'm looking at this site for information. I would suggest spliting the pages into - Set up: Which would include Picking a server, character creation and starting areas, and Begining to Play: which would include everything else. And putting those categories on the main page. (Jirel)

The notice is on the page but it doesn't look like anyone has already undertaken the task of splitting the page up. If no one objects, I'm going to start some new pages and just start copying the contents of each section into its own page.

UPDATE - Okay. I made a page for each of the sections. I didn't really do any editing of the content in each section, just copied it wholesale into the new page. I'm kind of new to this this so I'm not sure the best way to colate it all and I don't want to mess it all up with my hamfistedness. I'm sure each of the pages themselves will need some editing to tie it all together as well.

Here they are

AcceptableRisk- 06\06\06 07:03GMT

Maybe create a template like this to add to each page {{partying}} as seen used on my Instance Guide:The Deadmines? --Dracomage 12:44, 6 June 2006 (EDT)
Using a template to link them togather as Dracomage suggests seems like a good idea. Someone needs to update the split out pages above to match the latest Newbie Guide since the separate pages were created 6 June 2006 and a few updates have happened since then. --Fandyllic 1:51 PM PDT 14 Jul 2006
Okay, I created a first draft navigation template: {{newbieguide}}. I also integated the separate Quests page back into Leveling and Experience like it appears in the current Newbie Guide. Most of the breakout pages still need to be updated to match the Newbie Guide before we unleash this multi-page beast on the WoWWiki world. --Fandyllic 2:12 PM PDT 14 Jul 2006

I've now deleted the split-off pages as they weren't being updated. After all, the job of creating them anew is the same as updating them, if someone sets out on the task of splitting this page again. (Then again, it became much more readable after I fixed indentation, in my opinion).   --Mikk (T) 10:09, 4 October 2006 (EDT)

The splitup Newbie Guide has been resurrected and now also gives the option to see all the sections in one huge page due to the power of inclusion. --Fandyllic (talk · contr) 10:58 PDT 20 Mar 2007

What to kill Edit

Copied in from Talk:Newbie Guide/Leveling and Experience before deleting the page.   --Mikk (T) 10:15, 4 October 2006 (EDT)

We need links that will tell us which mobs are best to kill at certain levels categorized by the present classes involved. If anyone is willing to contribute, then it will be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

--Bookinvestor 11:51, 28 September 2006 (EDT)

Race-names Edit

I think it's wrong that the word "Forsaken" is used instead of "Undead" in the race-intro of this page. Especially new players will be confused about this. After all, they are named Undead in-game. Forsaken is mereley the faction they belong to: just like the Trolls belong to the Darkspear tribe. It must be changed. --Odolwa 02:14, 25 September 2006 (EDT)

Splitting Edit

Page is getting big and hard to read. So, i'm re-raising the splitting idea. i recommend splitting this page up in a nice and clean way, just like was done for the travel guide.  - CJ talk / cont  10:48, 17 January 2007 (EST)

Go for it. You do know that until we make the full transition to a multi-page guide, you're responsible for migrating useful updates to the multi-page version... ;-) --Fandyllic (talk · contr) 11:24 AM PST 17 Jan 2007
The splitup Newbie Guide has been resurrected and now also gives the option to see all the sections in one huge page due to the power of inclusion. --Fandyllic (talk · contr) 10:58 PDT 20 Mar 2007

Where's the best place for another 'relax' paragraph or two? Edit

I started editing in a sentence, but as it started to grow I wondered if it was going to turn into an entire new guide. I want to add information to let new players know that there aren't any irreversable decisions to deal with for a long time and quick notes on death. Just some information that I was specifically looking for when I first came here. I was thinking something like:

Don't worry about the decisions you make early. Apart from your realm, race and class (see Picking a Server and Character Creation) you won't be making any irreversable decisions for a very long time. Complete early quests if you like, or abandon ones you don't (you can always pick up an abandoned quest later). Don't stress over what item to choose when completing a quest, just pick something that seems useful to you now (there's always MUCH better equipment to be found later). Don't be affraid to learn a profession. While your character can only know two primary professions, you can always drop one (or both!) later if you find you prefer another. Even if you get to level 10 and beyond and begin spending your talent points, for a small cost you can decide later to unspend them all and reallocate them where you prefer (as long as you don't try to reconfigure them all too often). Death won't cause any lasting harm. When you revive again, you won't have lost any items or gold. It will damage (though never destroy) your equipment, but whatever you find early in the game is fairly cheap to repair. So dive in and learn! (better late then never)Luuzral 14:25, 3 April 2007 (EDT)

Maybe Make Your Intro Paragraph a Bit Less... Obnoxious? Edit

"Yeah, seriously, follow this newbie guide and soon you'll be telling noobs where to go"

For me the term "noob" is perjorative. I'm not offended by being called a noob. Rather, the term's usage here indicates that the author is immature and socially-maladjusted. Not the kind of person whose opinion I'd take heed of.

I got that far in your guide and that was it for me. I'd like to know more about WoW, but I'm going to look for a guide not written by an angry 12 year old. Because that's what you're demonstrating to the world with that sentence.

Changing "noobs" to "other/fellow newbies" completely changes the meaning of your sentence.

Roleplaying Edit

I notice there is no newbie roleplaying guide. Shouldn't there be? BobNamataki 22:42, November 3, 2009 (UTC)

Simple guide created by an anon Edit

Sandbox/A guide for newbs could be integrated. --Gengar orange 22x22Beware the sneaky smile! Fandyllic (talk · contr) 17 Feb 2014 8:41 AM Pacific

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