Probably worthwhile including some of this information from the forums, from Thrugg of Malygos, highlighting the breadcrumb posts that you have to be careful to do before starting questing in an area or you will never get them:

Missing 3 quests in Nagrand - please help 01/05/2010 10:10:33 AM PST

Nagrand has very little margin for missing anything.

There are at least 4 quests that count that you will not see just flying around, though you have likely already done some/all of them:

  • The Howling Wind, started by an item dropped by air elementals
  • Murkblood Invaders, started by an item dropped by the patrolling packs of 3 elekk-riding murkbloods
  • I'm Saved!, available only after saving a gnome that appears at the Nesingwary Camp and is attacked, about once an hour
  • The Totem of Kar'dash, available only after killing the guards around a captured Kurenai in the murkblood town.

There are 2 substantial chains that come into (and count for) Nagrand that start in other zones:

  • Karabor Training Grounds, from either Aldor or Scryer bases in SMV (as mentioned by above poster). Takes you to Altruis who then gives you at least 3 counting quests.
  • I See Dead Draenei, starts outside Auchenai Crypts and goes to Nitrin in the Nagrand Armory for 2 counting quests.

Nagrand's real problem is that it contains a lot of quests that you can actually disqualify yourself from ever getting if you do other stuff first:

  • The Consortium Needs You!, breadcrumb quest from outside either Telaar or Garadar, can't do it anymore after you take a quest from the Consortium camp in the west of the zone
  • A Mystifying Vision, breadcrumb quest from Telaar to Area 52, can't do it anymore after you take a quest from anybody in Area 52 or any other breadcrumb quest to Area 52
  • Visions of Destruction, breadcrumb quest from Telaar to SMV, can't do it anymore after you take a quest from Wildhammer Stronghold or any other breadcrumb quest to SMV
  • The Throne of the Elements, breadcrumb quest to the Throne, can't do it anymore after you take a quest from the elementalists at the Throne in the north of the zone
  • A Head Full of Ivory, only available up until Consortium Friendly, repeatable version does not count but the very first turn in does
  • Stealing from Thieves, same as Head Full of Ivory
  • Membership Benefits, this one is complicated. There are 4 of these all called the same thing, one for each rank of Consortium rep. They are repeatable each month but the first time you do each one counts. However if you power-levelled Consortium rep over a rank inside a month without hitting the quest for that rank you will not ever be able to get it.

There are 84 Alliance-eligible quests that count altogether. So count up ones you may have excluded yourself from, that's what you're aiming for.

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