Is there a way to make me use a Random flying mount if I left click, and a Random ground mount If I right click? all I see on this page are complicated macros which checks if your in dalaran, wintergrasp, and other flyable areas, and which attempt to dismount if your already mounted, but I do not want any of that, I just want to make a macro that summons a flying mount if I left click and a ground mount If I right click. I have tried making this macro myself, but I cant seem to get the left/right click conditional in without producing lua errrors.

Left/Right Click MountEdit

The conditional can be used as follows in the macro below. [btn:1] represents left-click, and will summon "Albino Drake", any other button will summon "Black Wolf".

/cast [btn:1] Albino Drake; Black Wolf

For a random selection, you'll still have to manually choose the pool of mounts the be chosen from. The easiest way is as follows:

/castrandom [btn:1] Albino Drake, Bronze Drake, Green Proto-Drake; Wooly Mammoth, Black War Mammoth, Emerald Raptor

lastly, if you need a lot of mounts, you'll need to go this route:

/run local m,f,g,c=GetMouseButtonClicked(),{1,2,4,11,13},{3,5,6,7,8};if m=="LeftButton"then c=f[random(#f)]else c=g[random(#g)]end;CallCompanion("MOUNT",c);

Replace the first set of numbers with your flying mounts, and the second set with your ground mounts.

  • Find your mount number : open your mounts tab and count from left-to-right, top-to-bottom. (eg: The top-left mount on the first page is 1, the bottom-right mount on the first page is 12. For each page add +12.)

I've added this last one to the Mount Macros page here.

-- XestrixSig Xestrix (talk|contrib) 14:44, May 6, 2010 (UTC)

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